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After school babysitting Thursdays (165 views)

Dupont Circle/Sheperd Park DC
August 3, 2018

We are looking for a sitter to pick up our almost 3 year old daughter at pre-school in Dupont, and take the bus up 16th St. (with plenty of provided snacks and activities) to pick up our 6 year old at her after-school activity (down the block from our house) and walk home from there. We live in Shepherd Park.  The kids will play for a few minutes before dinner, and we will be home around then, though we may require additional hours on some days. We are currently looking for Thursdays, but may need other days, if you are available.  We’re looking for someone warm and patient, who can entertain our daughters during an otherwise mundane commute. Our daughters are funny and kind, enjoy music and showing off their yoga poses, and best of all, they love each other. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!