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Assistant/Bookkeeper at La Tomate in Dupont (159 views)

Washington DC
April 3, 2018


I am currently the assistant/bookkeeper at La Tomate restaurant in Dupont. Since I will be graduating in a few weeks, we are looking to bring someone new on board. Ideally, you would start during mid-April so I can help train you before I leave. 

I started this position as a junior so students are encouraged to apply so long as you will be in DC for the summer (my boss would like someone who could work for a year or more ideally). The hours are flexible during school, and you can work up to 40 hours a week during the summer!

Your tasks include daily intake of invoices, writing checks, office tasks, communicating with our accountants, setting reservations, helping to manage our social media accounts, and much more! It requires strong communication skills and the ability to multitask with several projects and deadlines.  This job has something for everybody and will really deepen your understanding of the restaurant industry.

If you are at all interested, send a copy of your resume/cover letter to my email and I’ll review it and send it over to my boss.