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Earn $1000 in Less than 25 hours w/ Postmates (No Vehicle Required) (273 views)

As a former AU undergrad and current AU graduate student, I have signed up with companies like Uber, Lyfty, Postmates, DoorDash, etc to work whenever my schedule allowed. The convenience of choosing how much or how little you want to work whenever you want is perfect for college students. 

The food delivery platform, Postmates, is currently running a promotion for new couriers that guarentees a payout of $1000 after completing 45 trips. Lets break it down:

45 trips / 30 days = 1.14 trips per day

Or, alternating between doing 2 trips and 1 trip per day, for 30 days.

1 trip averages 20 minutes start to finish 

45 trips x 20 minutes = 900 minutes

900 minutes = 15 hours.

$1000/ 15 hours = $66.66 per hours.

That’s a lot more than what you can expect to earn after graduation. Yes, I am a Kogod grad.

Unlike other platforms, Postmates can be done with or without a car. You can use a bike, moped, hoverboard, or even your own two feet. Based off your mode of transport, the system will assign appropriately length trips (so no walking 5 miles). 

In order to take advantage of the promotion, you have to use a promo code when signing up. Respond to this ad so I can share said code along with any questions you may have/ if you’re interested in tips to be the most efficient when working . I won’t ask for any personal information because I don’t care. However, you will have to share some with Postmates in order to become activated/paid. 

So, if you want to make a quick and easy $1000 then please reach out. If not, beg for money from back home and complain about the cost of Uber trips. Up to you.