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Full time (or pretty close!) House manager/nanny to start this Fall (94 views)

20016, off nebraska ave
September 11, 2018

We live a block from Letts dorms and are looking for a (as close to as you’d like) full time household “catch all” to start asap. Maybe you just graduated, are figuring out what the next step is, or are in grad school, but you definitely have a positive disposition, are a hard-working/hands on person, a total multi-tasker and most of all, you enjoy kids and the bustle of a busy household. 

DETAILS:Family with children ages 12, 11, 9 and 6 (older 3 are girls, youngest is a boy) seeking a full-time house manager/nanny to assist stay-at-home (but running all around) mom with childcare and house management duties starting Sept/Oct. Hours are flexible to negotiate and can range from 25-40 hours. Responsibilities include:

– driving/carpooling/pick up from school 

-running errands (groceries etc)

– help with driving to activities after school (we can provide a car/gas for all the above)

– help with homework

-being with the kids
– dinnertime, bath time, bed time assistance
– supervising children in the pool on occasion

-some help with small and friendly family dog 
-any kitchen/cooking/prep help HUGE plus

Other potential opps (in other words, not requirements):

– occasional overnight care when parents travel without kids (there is an option to live in our house if that appeals and could be discussed)
– flexibility with staying late as needed 1-2 nights per week if parents have plans (extra hours to be appropriately compensated)

We offer competitive salary and other perks. Again, we live a block from Letts dorms.  Please reach out to me at or text/call 202-378-7488 if you would like to learn more about the job.