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middle school swim trainer and personal coach (92 views)

Friednship Heights
April 4, 2018

I am looking for a male student to help my son build up his swimming skills as well as master the skill of self discipline. (I know this is a long shot – work with me, people;-) My 14 year old is headed to a coastal surfing camp and a rowing camp this summer – he is a decent swimmer, but has no endurance whatsoever. He used to be very athletic, but has succumb to the video game beast during his middle school years. He needs a young adult male to coach him on how to set goals for himself, how to create a weekly schedule to ensure meeting those goals, and how to create the self discipline to get these things done. I don’t expect a miracle (though admittedly, it would be nice;-), but someone other than his parents talking through these concepts with him would be very helpful in the long run. Help with homework discipline a necessary component as well. I’d love for him to get to a swimming pool a few times a week too – will work with your schedule. I’m thinking 2 hours (3 pm – 5ish) Monday – Thursday through June 8 (of course NOT the whole time at the pool! Maybe a little homework time, some basketball time, weight lifting, sprinting- just get this kid out of the house!). However, I do understand that you are students and have exams, etc. so if twice a week is all you can give – I’ll take it!!

Must be fun and a self starter!! Must be able to make an awkward teenager feel like a ROCK STAR!! If interested please reach out to Can’t wait to hear from you!