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OutDoor Strong – summer camp (100 views)

OutDoor Strong was founded in 2017, modeled loosely after St. Benedict’s Prep School for Boys in Newark, NJ. 100% of the camp is held outdoors, in local parks, We spend each day playing sports, doing exercise drills, doing volunteer work and participating in group discussions about almost anything appropriate for the age group. “60 Minutes” did an interview of St Benedicts ( and if you google them you can watch the interview to see what inspired the camp for Ms. Balph, the founder. 

We are looking for 3 to 4 college students to commit to either the entire summer, 7 weeks, 7-9-18 thru 8-24-18, Monday thru Friday 10 to 3, or to commit to a minimum of 3 weeks at a time. One of the goals of OutDoor Strong is to give these youth a safe, carefree, healthy time over the summer, when that is what they all really need. Another goal is to allow these youth to make new friends, bond with new friends who can provide a positive and supportive community. It takes a few weeks for this to happen, thus the length of the camp. 

Please visit our web site,, which should be live by March 1st, it will allow you to see some of the activities we did last summer. The intent is to have 30 youth this summer and some of the returning youth will hold the roles of Group Leaders. The camp is free to the youth/families, therefore we are looking for volunteers to fill these counselor positions. Perfect for anyone going into Child Development, teaching, social services or really anything to do with youth.