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Part-Time Daytime Babysitter (263 views)

Bethesda, MD
July 12, 2018

We need a part-time, daytime babysitter, for our two children, ages two and four.  We would like to work with someone who is very reliable, playful, engaged (not using TV or electronics during his/her time with our children), compassionate, and patient.  

Ideally, we would begin working together as-needed this summer, with an eye to formalizing a schedule in late summer/early fall: roughly ten hours per week, typically in the midday/early afternoon hours.  It would also be wonderful to have some flexibility around other times of day, as needed. 

We live in downtown Bethesda across from the metro station, and so can be accessed easily by train or bus.  

Please apply, if interested, and we can begin a conversation.

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you.