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Social Media Consultant for the Children’s Art Studio (75 views)

Washington DC
June 11, 2018

Founded on the belief that children reap tremendous emotional, developmental and intellectual gains from making art The Children’s Art Studio has offered classes, camps and workshops since 2007. Through partnership with DCPNI the organization has developed programs in Kenilworth Parkside, a distressed neighborhood where many children suffer the chronic stresses of living in poverty.

Our art education programs have bolstered social and emotional learning, helped create community, exposed children to beautiful children’s books, and a rich variety of materials, all while they have a blast! We have a track record of success, (with the data to prove it), have built respectful solid relationships, and we are addressing a tremendous need.

Now we are fund raising to continue these programs. Creating a compelling social media presence is an important part of our fund raising efforts.  We are looking for someone to help us with the first steps (and addressing minor technical issues), and then helping us get started by creating strong, high quality posts. If interested please send an email with your background information and skills. Thank you for your consideration.