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Thanksgiving Help (192 views)

Washington, DC
November 7, 2017

Are you stuck in town for the holiday?  I would love to hire one or two people to help me with Thanksgiving for about three hours.  Ideally, I’d like you  to come to my house (near the university) at 3:45 and help with last minute preparations like putting water in the glasses, setting the food out, etc.  While we eat, I would like you to clean the pots and pans (I am a neat cook but the last 10 minutes of prep always seems to trash my small kitchen again).  After we eat the main meal, I would like you load the dishwasher and wash any dishes that don’t fit into the dishwasher.  In exchange for three hours of help, I will pay you $100 and provide you a Thanksgiving feast to go.

Please just send me an email to let me know if you are available to help.  Thanks in advance.